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    Wanda Finance Group
    WANDA Finance Holdings Group has constructed a diversified and opening-up financial capital platform. It has set up a new pattern for financial trade integrated by resource sharing, advantage complement, mutual benefit and win-win together with WANDA International Trade Group.
    Comprehensive Strength
    Xiangda Finance Lease, subordinated to WANDA Finance Holdings Group, was registered with the capital of RMB 3 billion.
    Its assets scale Yuanfeng small loan companies more than 600 million yuan
    Yuanfeng Micro-loan Company holds London Oxford Group in the UK.
    Core Advantages
    Acting as the wholly-owned subsidiary to WANDA Group, which is among the top 500 enterprises in China, honorable member in Pudong finance society and the top 100 among the most influential finance brands in China, it holds London Oxford Group in the UK and has share in many banks.
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  • Subsidiaries
    WANDA Finance Holdings Group is subordinated and administrated by Shanghai Xiangda Finance Lease Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xiangda Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd, Shanghai Xiangda Equity Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd and London Oxford Group in the UK.
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