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    Wanda Thermopower Group
    Cogeneration Engineering of Shandong Wanda Thermoelectric Co., Ltd is a national promotion project,that is a comprehensive energy-saving project for speeding up the construction of Shengtuo Town,a project for saving energy, improving environment, implementing central heating and improving the quality of life of local people.
    Comprehensive Strength
    Rated Steam Production Capacity:3285000 tons/year
    Cogeneration Engineering can save the petroleum for country about 30000tons/year
    Carbon Black Production capacity :250,000 tons / year ;
    Core Advantages
    Depending on the comprehensive competitive advantage,Wanda Thermoelectric Group takes the lead in carrying out the "Steam Substituting Oil" project in Shengli Oilfield, making full use of heat source replace the fuel boiler, that project can save the petroleum energy for the country more than 30000 tons per year
  • Location advantage
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  • Experience advantage
  • Cost technology advantage
  • Subsidiaries
    Clean energy green heat and power. Wanda Wanda Thermoelectric Group under the jurisdiction of Shandong Thermal Power Co. Ltd., Shandong Xingda new energy Co., Ltd. and Shandong Naisite carbon black Co. ltd..
  • 山东兴达新能源有限公司
    地址: 山东省东营市垦利经济开发区永馆路以南/ 隆丰大道以东
  • 山东cmp冠军网站热电有限公司
    地址: 山东省东营市垦利区胜坨镇永莘路68号
    联系电话: 0546- 2062966
  • 山东耐斯特炭黑有限公司
    地址: 山东省东营市垦利区胜坨镇永莘路68号
    联系电话:0546-2361099 0546-7730666
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