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  • Strong Wanda
    Established in 1988, China Wanda Group is entering a new development stage after passing its three-step-development of advancing by science and technology, creating advantage by brand building and developing through cooperation while holding its vision of gathering scientific and technological talents and building up Wanda foundation evergreen.
    Wanda Group
    Gather Scientific and Technological Talents, Build up Wanda Foundation Evergreen.During 30 years development, Wanda Group experienced its intial development phase of “Advancing by Science and Technology, Creating Advantage by Branding Building and Developing through Cooperation”
    Real estate group
    Chemical group
  • Wanda Petrochemical Group
  • Wanda Rubber Group
  • Wanda Cable Group
  • Charming Wanda
    Wanda is home to all Wanda people. We offer opportunity for every Wanda people for systemic training and build the platform for them to realize their value and improve their comprehensive qualities and work skill
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  • Pass love
  • Dynamic Wanda
    Taking “People centered” principle, China Wanda Group regards all its staff and workers as the treasure of the enterprise. The group frequently organizes some recreational and sport activities like sport match,outdoor training, skill competition and holiday performance to enrich spare time life for workers and improve their mental and physical healthy development
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